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Superb quality, beautiful CNC production, Great price! 


It has been very hard to keep these in stock, but we have several on hand again.


Exceeds Nissan OEM quality and (by far) the quality of any remanufactured damper!

100% New Steel Billet construction,  Billet steel hub, Billet steel damper ring! 


Not rebuilt. Not a cast part.


Precision designed and manufactured with a proven track history 


Dyno tested and proven on race engines to 9k!)-  fully suitable for racing and already running on dozens of street and race engines!


These are manufactured for us by a company that professionally builds racing dampers. and 1000's of racing parts for countless autos.


A beautiful production quality part and  the perfect mate for our extreme duty flywheels.


This is the best harmonic balancer you can buy for your U20, don't waste your money on overpriced drag racing dampers.  That makes zero sense!












U20 Harmonic Balancer

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