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Proper fittings for the block and original oil line- no modifications required. Fits the original retainer clip and bracket. Correct threads for the block of course!


As you have come to expect, a superior product from DatsunRestorationProducts

Designed to be easier to install than the original hose and the cheap knockoffs from the budget parts source.   


This is a heavy _duty improved version, specifically designed to be easily disconnected at the block or the line for easy service-That's not possible with the old style original line or budget crimped versions.


Our clutch line is made the same way- Far easier to install and service:


Excellent AN quality, not some budget/cheapo  made at the local LA  shop or in China to maximize profit!  A better part-not a budget part.

Oil Pressure Gauge Hyd. Line - SS Braided for 68-70

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