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3.5" in stock now!


Another superb product for pro engine builders developed by DRP!


These mini-domes have about 1/2 the dome volume of a 1600 domed piston and skirts machined to clear the U20 crank.     .020, .030 and .040 are also currently in stock.   


These are:


1. GREAT for increasing the compression slightly in U20 engines (10.0-10.5:1 or so depending)

Superior in every way to overpriced cast R16 pistons which raise the compression WAY to much in a U20 and will contact the head unless machined for clearance.  


2. A fantastic stroker piston with slightly increased CR. Minimal or no interferance issues with a stock gasket. Premium gas will typically not be required.


3. A bulletproof 1600 replacement piston terrific if you don't want to run premium gas.  Also great if your cylinder head is cut and hits the 1600 domed pistons-super common problem.


Twice the life and durability of ANY cast piston.   Moly coated skirts. Brand new Top quality USA production, not brand-x cast econo-pistons or kludged pistons from another engine.


One unscrupulous site lists  budget cast domed pistons for over 600$ Why pay crazy$$$ for a set of $50 (literally) set of econo cast pistons? Who would do that?


Piston choice defines the durability of your lower end.  Do you really want the cheapest piston you can find? Probably not!


Rings, pins, circlips included.



Mini-Dome! 2L/stroker/1600 FORGED Pistons USA Production

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