These are the best front springs available for street (and track) that we have ever used. Excellent ride, stability and comfort when paired with Sport Touring or "Koni-Medium" calibrated Bilsteins.


 Perfect height/stiffness compromise. Firm ride, but not harsh.


Yes, Mike's springs cost a little more than the poor "super comp" springs (which have the incorrect spring rate, too many coils and are too low), but the Mike Young Springs are worth every penny - ask anyone who has upgraded from not-so-supercomps. 


Absolutely the best spring for street and vintage racing-hands down.


See the combo deal for best pricing.


Special update:


For those who are disappointed with the ride and/or handling of “Supercomp” springs and KYB shock absorbers purchased from DEAN APOSTLE, Dean has publicly posted an offer to refund money to dissatisfied customer(s)


See the photo above.




 Supercomp springs can be replaced with the Mike Young Springs for vastly improved ride and handling. 


Here’s why-

The supercomp springs are too low and hard for the roadster suspension.  Even with competition bumpstops or original bumpstops that have been cut,  there is minimal travel before the bumpstop is engaged.  That results in an unsettling and unpredictable ride response. 


We suggest you replace supercomp springs with the Mike Young Springs for greatly improved ride and better handling. 


MIKE YOUNG Front Springs- Front (PR.)