Combo pricing for Mike Young Springs and  "Medium Firm" calibrated Bilsteins. 


Lowers the front ride height by 1.25".  Excellent height/stiffness compromise. Firm and polite ride. Great Stability.


Custom spring mounts included (requires core exchange) - these allow Bilsteins to be swapped (in about 15minutes) without disassembling the front suspension.


Photo shown is Mike Young spring on one of his restorations!



Don't be tricked into low dollar "super comp" springs!  They are the wrong height and the wrong spring rate for the roadster and will make your car ride and handle worse than original.  You get what you pay for!


See the photo above.


These are so popular they are currently on backorder. The shopping cart is still active, so if you place an order, you will be one of the first to receive the springs when they arrive!







MIKE YOUNG Front Springs& Bilstein Pair