Great low-cost solution for strokers and U20's with high compression heads.

Why pay big bucks for cheapo brand-x pistons from China/


NPR has a robust quality program ensurringyears of trouble free service!

You can trust their quality! We have built KA's, SR's, VG's and Roadster engines with NPR pistons- they are great for the money and will run for years. 


These are extremely high quality pistons originally used in the H20. Perfect to bring the compression ratio down by .5 pt or if you are using a surfaced U20 head (almost all are).


Easily the same quality as OEM Nissan pistons and better than brand-x budget pistons from


We've used these pistons for 30 years - NPR builds quality products!


American made rings available separately if preferred.


Rings sold Separately. Specify Size. Great low cost pistons if that is what you need!

H20 Pistons _High Quality NPR production