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Complete rebuilt Upper front a-arm. (one side)


Spindle, Bushings, and seals, bump stop  already installed.  Powder coated.

Show car suitable, Ready to bolt on.


Top quality, NO cheap parts from Taiwan like other new parts being advertised.

Don't believe the BS! If it doesn't say Made in USA, it isn't. 

Federal Mogul/Moog parts are re-boxed parts Made in China.


MUCH easier than rebuilding the A-arms yourself, only a fraction of the time. Clean, quick, simple. Show quality part as always.


Ball joints not included.  Sold on exchange basis - your core required.


Please specify USA, Nissan, or USA Competition manufactured parts.   (All the same price!)


Note: USA racing shafts are designed for competition, off-road use and are not dot tested or  approved! (neither are the suspension parts) ask us for Rare parts USA spindles for street use.









Complete Rebuilt Upper A-arm assembly

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