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Custom Manufactured Bilstein front shocks.  Designed specifically for "Super Comp" springs


"Super Comps" are the lowest and stiffest production springs we are aware of, and conventional shocks are not capable of controlling those springs. They require an exceptionally high rebound specification. 

These Bilsteins are specifically calibrated for the Super Comps for street use or weekend autocross.


These shocks are not calibrated for racing.


Incredible quality. Fully rebuildable  -  you will never need to buy another set of shocks!


Once installed, these shock can be removed and replaced through the lower A-arm, no need to disassemble the front susension to change shocks!


Requires custom lower spring mount (included) and your cores exchange.



If you bought Dean's Super Comp springs and KYB's and your roadster rides like a truck, see this special update:


For those who are disappointed with the inferior ride and/or handling of “Supercomp” springs and KYB shock absorbers purchased from Dean:   Dean has publicly posted an offer to refund money to dissatisfied customer(s).  We encourage you to move quickly since he will certainly renege after a few dozen more folks take him up on his offer!


See the photo above.



Currently building more. Sold out!









BILSTEIN CUSTOM SHOCKS for "Super Comp" Springs - Front (PR.)

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